Artificial Grass Dealers in Delhi

detail description about Shivaya ARTIFICIAL GRASS

Does your heart crave for a patch of greenery right under your feet but you are worried about lawn maintenance? Shivaya Interiors brings you an instant solution with their artificial or synthetic grass. Made from superior quality polymer, these patches of artificial grass possess the same natural gloss of real grass.

We are the noted artificial grass dealers in Delhi bringing you next best thing to real grass. Our product is multipurpose which can be used at homes, farmhouses, hotels, resorts, malls and various other places. We offer them in different sizes and dimensions to fit right into your outdoor space. Explore different shades of green and a myriad of designs.

What makes Shivaya Interior the best artificial grass dealers?

We source the artificial grass from the leading manufacturers thus bringing you the finest quality products. Our artificial grass is made of high quality synthetic fiber yarn which is skin friendly and has the feel of real grass. Besides low maintenance benefits, our artificial grass can instantly solve watering, weeding and fertilizing woes. If all you want is a picture perfect lawn that will mesmerize the onlookers and your guests, our artificial grass is the answer to all your desires.

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